My first aerial silks performance was a success!

Shot of my first aerial silks performance

Two weeks ago I did my first performance on aerial silks at the CircoBats Talent Show. I was so nervous before, but ended up feeling great while I was up there. The cherry on top was that I ended up tying for first place in the adult section of talent show competition. I had such a great time that night, that I thought I would share the experience with you all.


Videographer Sam Matthewman

On the day

The whole day before the performance I was so jittery. I ended up getting to the venue early so that I would have plenty of time to put on my makeup and warm up properly. There was an air of nervous anticipation among all the performers crowding around the mirror backstage to create their theatrical artwork on their face.

I tried for some Cirque du Soleil style makeup since my costume was a bit on the plain sited. Basically I tried to create the pattern from my ‘Look at me Leggings‘ on my face.


My first aerial silks performance was a success!My first aerial silks performance was a success!

My show makeup

Warming up

Once I was all made up, I started warming up. I wanted to make sure that I was all warm and prepared. After warming up on the mat and stretching I did a couple of climbs on the silk before the audience arrived.

When I was climbing I noticed that my hands were shaking a little bit. That made me even more nervous! I was worried that I would not be able to grip properly if my hands were shaking like that during the performance.

I started to feel more confident when some of the more experienced performers arrived and told me that I would be fine. It was just nice to have the moral support.

Once I got up there

Backstage before the MCs announced me I was doing star jumps to try to get out some of the jitters. Once I got out on stage on the mat under the lights with all of the people in front of me and the music started, I was so focused on what I was doing. I forgot all about my nerves.

I had also struggled to smile and remember to look at the audience in all of my practice run throughs. Once, I was up there on the night and people were cheering for me I couldn’t keep the grin off my face. I think I was also lucky with the spin of the silk that I could see the audience in a lot of my poses.

Some of my favourite stills from the performance that my dad took for me

Once I finished

After I finished my performance I was on such a high. I felt so proud of myself! There were many parts of my performance that I thought could have gone better. Overall I think that I did a good job though. It all went pretty smoothly and I did not embarrass myself. That was my main goal with the performance.

My climbs could have been cleaner, I could have pointed my toes more and I had a little bit of trouble getting into my footlocks. Part of this was because the silk that I performed on was fluffier than the ones that I normally practice on. None of that really bothered me though.

It was also so nice to see all the rest of the performers do their pieces. I was so much more  relaxed after mine was done. Everyone was so complementary of my performance which was so nice of them.

All the performers in the CircoBats Talent Show


In addition to performing in the talent show, I donated one of my pieces of artwork as a prize for the raffle. I was so happy when it was the first prize chosen. So many people came up to me afterwards and said that they had bought their raffle tickets just so that they would have a chance to win my artwork.

‘Subtle Splits Triangle’: Portrait of Alexa that I donated for the CircoBats Fundraiser with its proud new owners


Overall it was a very successful evening and I hope to have the chance to perform again sometime soon.

Do you have any good performance stories? If so I would love to hear them on any of my social channels!

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