What I hope to achieve this year as an artist

Lots of people make new years resolutions. I normally don’t, but I thought that the new year might be a good time to set some goals for this year to come. After taking a two week break from blogging over Christmas and the New Year, I feel refreshed and ready to plan for the year to come. This blog post will outline some of the ideas I have about what I would like to achieve this year in art.

2018 Beautiful Nudes Calendar

Approaching this year in context

I have been blogging on The Art of Flying for about 6 months now. So I spent that time trying to find my feet in my art business. After that first half a year I learned a lot. I now feel better informed to make some changes to my art practice to hopefully be more successful this year.

2018 Beautiful Nudes and Yogis Calendar


I created this calendar for 2018 to commemorate the setting of my new goals. Hopefully this post and the calendar will keep me on track in the year to come.

Feel like I have enough time for Art

What I mean by this is to basically build my life around the artwork so that the real world doesn’t take over too often and prevent me painting. I also need to be more organised so that I spend less time doing art adjacent activities and rather spend more time making art. Some of those things that are distractions from creating but are still part of The Art of Flying are:

My goal for this year is not to stop doing these tasks, but rather to be more organised and make completing them a more efficient process.

Create something I can be proud of

I am always proud of the artworks that I create, but I sometimes feel like the manner and order in which I create them is a little haphazard. This year I would like to plan my work in advance and attempt to create cohesive collections. These would be bodies of work that are aimed at conveying a single strong message.

I plan to release these collections periodically all in one go, rather than writing individual blog posts on one piece at the time. Hopefully this will allow people to feel more connection with my work and what I am trying to say. I want to create some drama and anticipation for each release.

Eventually I would love to do a solo exhibition with one or a few of these collections. I think that the first collection will be focused on yoga poses and the beautiful shapes that yogis can make with their bodies. In a few weeks I will write a blog post to call for expressions of interest for yogis who would like to participate. So if you have some stunning yoga pics, get them ready to send in soon.

Put myself out there more

Sometimes it can be nerve wracking to put myself forward for artistic opportunities. There is the fear of judgement and the potential for rejection. However, this year I aim to put myself out there more to give my artwork more exposure.

I plan to do this by doing more markets. Currently I have my work hanging in the lovely Yoga Therapia Studio. This year I will approach other local business owners to see if there are any other opportunities to display more work. If you or someone you know has small business that would like to display my work please get in touch at contact@the-art-of-flying.com or any of my other social channels.

Find clarity on who I am creating for

I want to focus a small amount of my time, especially at the start of this year, on doing market research. My partner suggested to me that I need to find out more about my target audience for my artwork and I think he is right. I am hoping that more information will provide me with more clarity on what to create and when. Ideally this will lead to faster decision making when beginning a new piece.

Be ready to seize opportunities that come my way

There are some tasks that could help me to act quickly if new artistic oportunities present themselves. For example, I need to learn to write an artists statement an artists bio and a press release (for all my future success obviously). I am sure there are other things that I will need to add to that list that I don’t even know about yet, but I am hoping to gradually work my way through this to-do list throughout the year.

Learn new things

For me, part of the excitement of art is learning about new styles and materials. I want to remain focused on figurative art this year since I have been enjoying working on The Art of Flying so much. To extend myself this year I would love to try sculpting. I fully expect to be awful at it because it is so different from drawing and painting. However, some of my current favourite figurative artists are sculptors. You never know it might give me a better appreciation for painting and drawing mediums.

Find Community

One of the most helpful things that I have done during my time working on The Art of Flying is meeting Elicia from Art by Elicia Jane. I have found it so helpful knowing someone who is facing some of the similar challenges that I am as an artist. I have also been part of an excellent Mixed Media Group at the Henley and Grange Arts Society.

This year I would like to build on this to learn from a larger community of artists.

Ask For Help

I am a firm believer in asking for what you want in life. I figure that people can’t help you to reach your goals if they don’t know what they are. So this post is part of my way of putting what I would like to happen this year out into the universe. If you think you have some information, introductions, tips or tricks that could help me to reach any of the goals I have been talking about, I would love to hear from you at contact@the-art-of-flying.com or on any of my social channels 🙂

Thanks for reading and following my journey so far!

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